Concrete Bases

Heavy and sturdy concrete bases make easy the installation of sign posts and traffic control parking signs and street signs installation where digging in the ground is not required. You can install parking and road signs without digging with our concrete bases which have integrated U-channel posts or square telespar tube for easy installation of traffic control aluminum metal parking signs thus saving time and installation expenses.

Square tube telespar
concrete base
U-channel concrete base

The U-channel posts and square tubing are made of high tensile rail steel which is galvanized for high durability and it is embedded into the concrete base. Telespar square perforated and welded steel tubing offers superior tensional and torsion strength and has the versatility of four sided mounting option. Lighter concrete bases are 57 Kg and are suitable for smaller signs more of private or smaller areas like condos, shopping plazas and parking lots. The heavier 118 Kg concrete bases enable mounting of bigger traffic control and parking signs making it sturdy because of its extra weight offering excellent resistance to windy weather conditions.

At Multicolor Signs, we provide concrete bases for the easy installation of your warning signs, most common durable and sturdy performance parking signs

and styrene signs. For all queries and quotes for for concrete bases, you may contact us with your requests.